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Most of the Rain Shower Faucets and accessories are not separate but instead they are located high up on a wall of a bathtub that is of standard quality. When the cold and hater knobs are turned on, the standard water is flowing from the faucet of the bathtub and the knobs are adjusted until a correct temperature is reached.
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The path of the standard water from the shower is something that must be learnt. The knobs when turned, the standard water is pumped through all the pipes. The standard water is then pressurized and this is beginning from a standard water main that is located in from of your house. The standard water is then piped into a hot standard water heater in your house.
The standard water is then capable of breaking off into two very separate cold and hot pipes that are located in the hot standard water heater. The cold standard water bypasses the hot standard water heater and then goes directly to the shower line of the cold standard water. The hot standard water that comes out from the hot standard water heater is successfully dispatched into the shower line of hot standard water when the knob is turned on. 
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The hot and cold standard water knobs are then adjusted until the person in the shower can achieve an optimum flow and also a desired temperature. The drain of the shower then collects all the standard water that is used up by the individual successfully.
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