DIY Shower Faucet Replacement

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If you are changing a tub and best shower faucets, determine what style of tub spout you currently have. Launch the nut below spout with an allen wrench or connect car proprietor. Now move the spout counterclockwise to eliminate it. There are two kinds of spouts…threaded and glide on. Choose which you have so you can buy the appropriate cut kit.


Grab your tools: Allen wrench set, teflon history, regular connect car proprietor, phillips connect car proprietor, versatile wrench, program knife to cut caulk

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Remove your old tub and bath drain. Cut the caulk around the cut products and tub spout at the surfaces. Launch the connect on the warm variety adjustment handle (s) and eliminate. Now eliminate the claws having the cut plate in position below the handle position. Take away the refined steel bath go arm with by changing it counterclockwise. Take away the tub spout as previously described.


Install the new tub and bath faucet: It’s best to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations here since each style will be a little bit different. Usually, the tap goes coming back together in the same way to how you attracted the old one apart. Use a smooth soft towel or other product to protected the finish on the bath arm when using your versatile pliers to stressed up it into the threaded appropriate in the surfaces. Also, be sure to use teflon history on the threaded components to prevent dripping.

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Operate the tap tub spout and refined steel bath go and examine for dripping at connections.


Caulk at wall: Don’t neglect to caulk the tub spout and encounter plate to the surfaces to prevent any water from getting coming back behind and into the surfaces set up.


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